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stone tile restoration in tucson

Expert Stone Tile Restoration in Tucson

Travertine and other stone tiles bring warmth, character, and a luxurious look to a home. They’re also a popular upgrade for homeowners who are thinking about selling their homes and want to increase the property value. However, despite stone tilework’s natural durability, it can sustain damage from wear and tear over time. If your stonework is no longer looking as good as the day it was installed, it’s time to call Tucson Tile & Grout to discuss our stone tile restoration services.

stone tile restoration
stone tile restoration

About Our Stone Tile Restoration Services

The goal of our stone tile restoration services is to transform old, worn-out stone and make it look as good as the day it was installed—or even better! Our experienced technicians use professional-grade tools to repair cosmetic issues, and to otherwise alter the finish of the stone tile. We’ll also repair any damaged grout lines, and we can use our high-quality grout sealer to protect your tiles and grout for years to come. You can choose from matte, semi-gloss, and high-gloss finishes.

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Common Questions About Stone Restoration

Our friendly technicians love to work with beautiful natural stone. We also enjoy helping our customers learn how to take care of their stone countertops and floors to reduce the risk of future damage. It’s all part of our commitment to transparency and honest work. If you have a question about your stonework or our stone tile restoration that isn’t answered here, please reach out to our team!

What Types of Stone Tile Problems Can You Fix?

Our stone tile restoration services can repair any types of problems with your natural stone. Cosmetic issues we commonly see include chips, scratches, etch marks, and dullness. Sometimes, all that a stone floor or countertop might need is a deep clean using professional-grade equipment in order to restore its gorgeous natural beauty.

What Causes Etching on Stonework?

Certain types of natural stone, such as marble and travertine, are prone to etching. Etching occurs when an acidic substance comes into contact with any type of stone that contains calcium carbonate. The result is a spot that looks dull and lighter in color. Often, it looks like a stubborn stain. Etching is commonly the result of substances such as the following:

You can reduce the risk of stone etching by wiping up all spills promptly. After wiping up the spill, use a cleaner that is labeled safe for your type of stone. If you still notice etching, call our technicians and we’ll fix the problem for you!

Living room stone restoration services from Tucson Tile and Grout

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At Tucson Tile & Grout, we take pride in exceeding our customers’ expectations because we love knowing that we’ve helped our neighbors get more enjoyment and functionality out of their homes. Our cheerful technicians are all highly trained and always respectful of our customers and their homes. Contact us today at (520) 523-8499 or fill out our contact form to request a free in-home estimate for stone tile restoration in Tucson or the surrounding areas.