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Water proofing tile through grout sealing service from Tucson Tile and Grout

Protective Grout Sealing in Tucson for Longer-Lasting Grout.

The look and longevity of your tile and stone depend upon high-quality grout lines. Grout provides greater strength to the floor and prevents tile shifting, while also giving the floor a pleasing, uniform appearance. Over time, however, grout can become discolored and sustain damage. To make your grout last as long as possible while still looking great, our professionals here at Tucson Tile & Grout will apply a high-quality grout sealing product.

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Here’s Why Grout Sealing Is Necessary.

To understand why grout sealing is important for your tile, it’s helpful to first know a bit about what grout is. The majority of grout products are comprised of a blend of cement, lime, and sand. This means that grouts are rather porous. (Some grouts are epoxy-based and therefore non-porous, but these aren’t used as often. Typically, epoxy-based grouts are only used for glass tile on kitchen backsplashes.)

Due to the porous nature of grout, grout joints that are left unsealed will absorb water, along with stain-causing liquids and bacteria. This means exactly what you probably think: Unsealed grout won’t last very long, and it will quickly discolor and become unhygienic.

Protect your beautiful tilework with our grout sealing services. At Tucson Tile & Grout, we only use high-quality products that are guaranteed to protect your tile and grout. After we perform grout sealing, your grout lines will be able to effectively repel moisture, including staining liquids. Plus, they won’t absorb germs, and they’ll be protected from everyday dirt and grime.

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Common Questions About Our Grout Sealing Services

Our cheerful professionals always welcome questions from our valued customers because we want you to be fully informed about how best to care for your home. Please give us a call if you don’t find your question answered here.

How Often Should I Book Grout Sealing Services?

You’re likely to hear a few different answers to this question. The reason for this is that certain areas of the home need more frequent attention than others. As a general rule of thumb, plan on booking grout sealing services for your tile floors about every two years. However, for high-traffic areas, you may need to reseal your grout every year or so.

If you have a tiled shower, you may need to seal the grout about every year, depending on the size of your family. If a particular shower gets heavy usage, consider resealing it every six months.

Should Grout Be Cleaned First Before Sealing?

Yes, our tile and grout professionals always clean the grout joints thoroughly before sealing them.

Is Grout Sealing the Same as Color Sealing?

We’re pleased to offer color sealing services in addition to our regular grout sealing services. Color sealants not only seal the grout lines, but they also add your chosen color to the grout. If you opt for color sealing, you won’t need an additional non-tinted grout sealant.

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