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Bathtub caulking from Tucson Tile and Grout

Expert Caulk Installation & Recaulking in Tucson

There are so many little details that go into proper home maintenance, and one of the most commonly overlooked issues is old caulk. If your caulk lines are looking damaged or unsightly, it’s time to schedule new caulk installation services. The recaulking crew at Tucson Tile & Grout will use top-quality caulk to protect key areas of your home from moisture accumulation—most notably in the kitchen and bathrooms.

Bathtub caulking from Tucson Tile and Grout
Bathroom countertop recaulking services from Tucson Tile and Grout

About Our Caulk Installation Services

We pride ourselves on getting every job done right the first time. That means we take the time to remove every trace of the old caulk before applying new caulk. (If old caulk residue is left in place, the new caulk won’t adhere properly and won’t be watertight.)

The following are some signs that you should contact Tucson Tile & Grout for recaulking services:

  • Your caulk is older than five years.
  • You’ve noticed that the caulk is looking dried out or is developing cracks.
  • The caulk has begun to peel.
  • Sections of caulk have worn away entirely, leaving a bare gap between the two surfaces.
  • You’re seeing mold and mildew growth in the area, which indicates that water has been allowed to accumulate there.
Tucson Tile and Grout recaulking a toilet

Common Questions About Recaulking

Owning a home is an educational journey, and our friendly professionals are here to help you make informed decisions. We always welcome your questions, and we’ll be happy to explain our recommendations during your in-home assessment and estimate. If you have a question that isn’t answered here, please reach out and ask!

How Often Must Caulk Be Replaced?

The general rule of thumb is that homes need a new caulk installation every five years. In some cases, caulk may not last this long. For example, if the caulk was low quality, subjected to high humidity levels, or improperly applied, it probably won’t last as long. At Tucson Tile & Grout, our professionals always use high-quality caulk and other products. We also take the time to thoroughly prepare surfaces so that our work lasts as long as possible. It’s why we’re confident about standing behind all of our work.

Are There Areas Where Caulk Installation Is Not Recommended?

Yes, there are some areas in your home where we don’t recommend installing caulk. These areas generally involve the transfer of moisture and the functionality of moving parts. For example, we won’t caulk sliding shower doors because they need to be able to move. We also won’t caulk areas in which moisture escape is desirable in order to avoid mold growth.

How Long Before I Can Use the Surface Again?

After a new caulk installation, the material needs a full 24 hours to dry and cure. After that point, it can be safely exposed to moisture again.

Tucson Tile and Grout caulking tiles

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The cheerful crew at Tucson Tile & Grout looks forward to meeting you and helping you beautify your home! Our woman-owned company has earned a stellar reputation in the Tucson community thanks to our strong work ethic, attention to detail, and use of high-quality products. Schedule your free in-home estimate for caulk installation today by calling (520) 523-8499 or filling out our simple contact form.